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About The Fund 

The US Offshore Pathways Fund is a community benefit investment grant program focused on deploying initiatives that increase clean energy awareness and access to workforce development pathways. The fund sets out to drive and support the more equitable distribution of clean energy economic opportunities across communities and generations - while also supporting government and industry stakeholder funders, in conjunction with US Offshore, the ability to surpass climate change local content requirements.

Managed in partnership with supplier diversity and infrastructure development firm, MRV GrouP, the US Offshore Pathways Fund also includes a minimum 50% commitment of investments and initiatives to environmental justice communities.

The Fund's programs for deployment include Offshore Wind (OSW) virtual reality (VR) training and immersion, in partnership with Kanda’s GWO-certifiable VR platform, and clean energy workforce awareness training, in partnership with the Equity + Environmental Justice Center, a social equity collective of public-private partners dedicated to advancing equity and environmental justice through innovative funding strategies, corporate social responsibility, and placemaking. 

More programs to be announced in 2024. 

About US Offshore

US Offshore was established to help service and connect the US and the growing needs of its offshore cable, and renewable energy sectors.

Since its founding, US Offshore has leveraged its global OSW and telecommunications project experience to support community workforce development, supplier diversity, and other local content initiatives in the US.


This has included the company’s role as founding member of the Equity + Environmental Justice Center, as well as the company's affiliation with the National Supplier Diversity Institute.

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